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Our mission

Monoid explores the world of history, culture, open source software, and mathematics by means of TypeScript, Rust, and Web technology. Our goal is to attain the new level of understanding of software and find out new paths in software engineering.


Who we are

We are a loosely tightened group of people who share the values and goals of Monoid.

Yoshiya Hinosawa

Software Engineer

Akira Hayatake

Software Engineer

Who we aren't

Monoid is not a company. It's a voluntary collaboration, and therefore anybody can join us or leave us anytime they want.

Monoid, Inc. is a company behind Monoid. The company helps organizing the meetings of the members of Monoid, helps logistics, etc. However the members don't owe any responsibility to it.

Our works

A lightweight frontend framework for vanilla.js, which enables the component-based programming based on native DOM events.

A mobile accounting app. WIP.

A native <-> browser (webview) bridge library for react-native

A tool for displaying UI mock patterns.


Please send us message through the issue tracker.